Overflow Church Medowie is a vibrant community of Jesus-followers, passionate about encountering God’s love in worship, the Bible, creativity, and in each other. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome at our services, and we have a special heart to see children, young people and families growing more like Jesus.


  • Kids

    Kids growing in relationships with God, family & each other

  • Youth

    Youth growing in relationships with God, family & each other

  • Young Adults

    Young people creating and enjoying community while discovering purpose

  • Men

    Men doing stuff together and spurring one another on in life.

  • Women

    Kingdom women growing together in faith and friendship.

  • Wiser Ones

    Our oldest youth enjoying life together.

  • Connect Groups

    Enjoying life and experiencing more of Gods goodness

  • and more…



Hi – my name is Chris, and I am a much loved daughter of the King! I have been the Senior Leader here at Overflow Church since 2004.

I love my job – I get paid to tell people about how amazing Jesus is, and to help them grow in their friendship with him, so that everything in life is transformed to look like His world – heaven on earth. I am married to an amazing man – Grant, and we have three adult children and one gorgeous grandson who all give us lots of enjoyment.  When I am not working, I love reading, sleeping, coffee with friends, having fun with family, cheese and wine, and walking in beautiful places.


Our mission is about passion – what we can’t help ourselves doing

Transforming life through Jesus


Our vision is about people – who we are becoming.

To be a Spirit-led family of contagious Christ-followers who are:
  • Loved & Loving
  • Powerful & Empowering
  • Transformed & Transforming
  • Enlarging & Enduring


Our values are the things that are at the core of
who we are and how we live

Holy Spirit
We seek the daily leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit for all of life and ministry.

Outward Focus
We are intentionally missional in all we do. We want to make committed followers of Jesus out of people who don’t yet know God.

Working together in relationships of honour, generosity and mutual submission, we achieve more together than we could apart.

Next Generation
We are investing in children and young people as a priority, raising an outstanding generation of kingdom leaders.

The Gospel
We are intentional and relevant in sharing the good news of Jesus through Biblical word, supernatural sign, and loving deed.

We intentionally develop and appoint leaders. Leaders are trusted to lead. People are released to minister. Responsibility, authority and accountability are held together.

New Covenant Grace
We do not follow religious rules, we follow Jesus. Not being under the Old Covenant law, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to enjoy righteousness, acceptance and freedom in Christ